Catching up With This Blog Before Turkey Day

It’s Thanksgiving eve. I’ve got a house to clean, pies to cook, a tablescape to create, a new sectional being delivered today, and an appointment to get a passport. A busy day, and I am at work for half of it. I have faith Andy will get crap done in the house today though. Outside of that, regular life stuff, and playing World of Warcraft, nothing else in my life has happened except for the passing of my dear, sweet cocker spaniel, Prince.

He was adopted from the SPCA in 2005 and passed away November 14th with us at his side. Prince had been battling Cushing’s Disease for over 4 years and in the last month, the disease took its toll on him. During his life, all 14.5 of them, he went to Florida, New Braunfels, and lived in plenty of places around the Houston area as well as my parent’s house in New Braunfels. He was a great companion despite his awkwardness and willingness to eat just about anything. He will be missed, but we know he is no longer suffering and is in a great place.


Sectional Sofa

I was cruising the internet one day when I came across a sectional sofa that I was instantly obsessed with. Silly me for not saving the photo, but it was a wider sofa, low (you couldn’t see the legs), had a very oversized, plush look to it. It was contemporary and inviting. It looked something like this:


It’s beautiful, I know. Actually, we used to have a sectional sofa with a chaise lounge when we first moved into the house. It was a cream colored weave with a left chaise. It was also a total piece of crap. I remember after a year or two, I had to call the furniture store to get new cushion inserts. Of course, the manufacturer sent me the wrong inserts. When we had this sofa, we also adopted the cat, and he did a number on it. I had sort of sworn off sectional sofas until I saw the one on the internet. So then I went sofa shopping.

At first, a chaise sectional was not an option for me. I didn’t like the idea of the chaise part always being there. Like I would be limited, forever. I wanted an L shaped sectional because after all, I could at least rotate that 90 degrees. I found two I liked, one with arms, the other slightly armless and modular. The problem I ran into was an L shaped sectional sofa does not fit into my living room. At least not the ones I am interested in. No matter what I did, or how I rearrange the room in Room Designer, the L shaped sofa overpowered the room. I attempted to go with the sofa version of the L shaped sectional, but in my heart, it was not what I wanted.

I decided to solicit Andy for his opinion. He liked the way the chaise lounge sectional fit into the living room the best. So, that’s what we went with. Afterall, I do not plan on moving, and the size of my house does limit my furniture size and placement. It really was the best of both worlds. So off to Bassett Furniture we went to purchase a sofa I found that matched the style I was looking for.

The build time on the sectional is slotted at 4 weeks. It would be nice to get it in time for Thanksgiving, but I am not holding my breath. Below is the pillow fabric (left two) and sofa fabric( right) that we went with. I’m pretty excited, especially with how much more plush the new sofa is compared to our current one, the Crate and Barrel Petrie sofa.  It was free and has served us well, but it’s time to move on.


Yesterday I found an article on Apartment Therapy posted about retailers now offering “life skills” classes for millennials. There was an example in the article of a Home Depot video that teaches the viewer how to use a tape measure.

Wow. I mean seriously, wow.

Heck, when I was a kid, playing with a tape measure was a form of entertainment. I’d pull the flexible, metal ruler out, bend it into fun shapes, mainly circles, and then I’d press the button, and let it fly back into the housing, trying to keep my fingers out of the way. Now, I make a solid investment in a good tape measure that has ticks in different colors that I would never abuse because let’s face it, a good tape measure can be hard to find.

This article made me think, is the whole notion of DIY dying. And not just DIY home projects, but DIY anything. With the influx of service apps/ providers (think Shipt for groceries or Task Rabbit, now owned by IKEA), is the whole notion of getting the job done yourself fading away?

For the last two weeks, Andy and I have used the HEB curbside service. I shop for my groceries at my computer desk Sunday mornings, chose a time to pick them up, arrive at HEB, park, text my parking spot number, and like magic, my groceries are brought to my car. They even bring you booze and wine if you order it. All of this for just five bucks. Plus we get a cookie. And while we have not tried it, friends and relatives of ours have used food delivery services like Door Dash to bring them their dinner. Not because they are sick. Not because they had a car issue. Simply because they did not want to go out, they’d rather have someone else do it. However, we have tried Hello Fresh, and that gave us the opportunity to avoid coming up with a grocery list, someone else did, and a shipping company delivered the food to our house.

And it doesn’t stop at food. There are so many clothing, shoe, and cosmetics services out there that do the shopping, or product selection on your behalf, and send it to you. I tried Stitch Fix for a couple of months. At first, it was exciting having a brand-new outfit waiting at my front door that was curated “just for me.”  Eventually, the outfits started to suck. Seriously, I’m 35, don’t try to dress me like I am 25. The clothing was expensive and the quality sucked. So, I stopped. I still prefer to do my own clothing and beauty products shopping.

Then there are the home services. Who knew interior decorating could become so affordable and e-based? Thanks to services like Laurel and Wolf or HomePolish, you can pay someone to design your dream space. Even stores like Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware offer these services in-store, often complimentary. When you purchase something for your home from Amazon, there is almost always the option to pay for someone to install or build whatever it is you are buying.

For the people who are design-challenged, super busy, bed-bound or whatever, I get why these services exist. There is totally a market and a need for them. If you are traveling most of the week, why spend your weekend doing lawn work?  But for the people who have no excuse other than “I don’t want too,” are these services creating an even larger problem? I think it is. This is part of the reason why so much of our youth feels entitled. This is why we are ending up with kids who do not know how to use a tape measure.

The remedy? I suppose it would be to get out there and do something for yourself every once and a while. It’s surprising how satisfying doing lawn work or finding an amazing pair of shoes on clearance can be. When you designed a space and everyone tell you it looks beautiful, it feels amazing. When you cook a meal that people rave about, it’s incredibly rewarding. When you stretch a tape measure out 15 feet, hit the retract button, and not a single finger gets cut, you feel like a total boss.

Guest Bath Update

So, finally getting around to posting a photo of my guest bathroom. It’s been 90% completed since August. There are a couple of details I am still missing, but who knows how long it will take me to find them. So without further delay, meet my tiny guest bathroom.


The room is maybe 100 square feet but the neutral graphic wallpaper packs a nice punch. It’s not too overwhelming and it adds nice depth to this tiny space. I also decided to mix metals. I chose a combination of chrome (faucet, bath accessories, and door pulls), brushed brass (lighting), and black (bathroom accessories). I still need to decide on a soap dispenser, extra storage, and art this bathroom. Maybe a Persian rug. Like I said though, who knows how long that will take.

Sources below.

Wallpaper  Vanity Light  Ceiling Light  Mirror   Bath Accessories   Door Pulls  Faucet

Organic Modern Living Room with a Global Twist

I’m at The Marriott Marquis in downtown Houston and the mix of art deco, various forms of modern, and mid-century here is awesome. I hope to snap some photos today and tomorrow for Instagram. Seriously, just look at this restaurant, The Walker Street Kitchen.

Image result for walker street kitchen

Not only is the food AMAZING (hello Moo-mi sandwich), but the atmosphere is modern, organic, masculine, clean, and calming at the same time. It made me want to switch up my living room from an eclectic space to something more clean, organic, and modern but with my rug, of course.

Organic Modern Living RoomNot quite as masculine as I would like, but I love my Heriz rug way too much to take it out of the living room. So, I kept it a little global with the Danielle Oakey pillows. I mixed brass, black, metal, rustic wood, and bamboo textures/ finishes so that it encompassess many different elements without anything being too harsh (hence the need for the neutral cream sofa).  Andy like the look, in fact, I know if I went the masculine route versus the global, he’d be totally into it as well. But you know, that rug is just too pretty. Not the rug above, my rug, which is similar. Plus, I have those giant pots and other random stuff from Indonesia. So the global needs to stay. But it doesn’t mean I can’t dream of an accent wall in modern plaid wallpaper.



Brewster Home Rockefeller Beige Plaid