Have you ever had one of those weeks where you are completely unmotivated? I’m not sad or stressed, just unmotivated. Now that I am thinking about it, I think this feeling has been going on for a lot longer than a week, it might even be two or three by now or maybe even longer. I am not the only one either. Andy is just as unmotivated as I am.

Bottom line, my life is boring and not really going anywhere.

In an effort to remedy this, I did what any 35-year-old would do, I Googled it. The first link to ping is this article “10 Brutally Reasons Why Your Life is so Boring Right Now.” I read through it, and honestly, most of these reasons do not apply to us.

  1. We have an active social life.
  2. I don’t care what pants I wear as long as they are appropriate for the environment.
  3. I am happily married and my husband is funny and gorgeous- no problem with my love life.
  4. Have I let myself go? That’s a definite one to ponder. Physically no, mentally and emotionally- maybe?
  5. We make plans and we follow through. When we make no plans, we’re bored. But having something every night of the week can get exhausting and expensive.
  6. Definitely a lack of travel. We do travel, but for the most part, it’s to see family. Two weeks of vacation and family everywhere but here means R&R time is limited and feels “forced.” Then, there’s the whole boarding of a senior dog which is hard right now.
  7. I don’t feel above anything.
  8. Target and TJXX Stores are my happy alone time. I also go get pedicures and haircuts. So yeah, I am happy when I am alone and get enough of it.
  9. I’ve become boring. I have not tried anything new in a while. I can say yes to that, but what do I want to try anyways?
  10. I spend too much time on the internet. Well duh, I obviously Googled “My life is boring.”

In an effort to remedy this, I am trying to book us something to look forward to every month. This month it’s a baseball game and a casino night. Next month, I need to figure out something. October we have a bicycle thing. Then we have something big in November and December. So let’s see if this will get us out of our funk. Seriously, my guest bathroom is getting wallpaper, a new sconce, and mirror next week- you’d think I’d be more excited. But I feel more or less like “it’s happening, good, I can check it off the list.”

Pretty sad. But the wallpaper is not. So I guess more on that in a couple of weeks.

Home Designer Interiors Review

The next interior design software I am reviewing is the 2018 version of Home Designer Interiors by Chief Architect. The trial version of the program is free to use or you can purchase the product for $79. As with other posts, I did my guest bedroom.

The first thing you will notice is the variety of views this program comes with. There is a floor plan view, the camera view (3D), the Dollhouse view (also 3D) and the glass house view (weird 2D/ 3D thing).

Floor plan view



Dollhouse view


Glasshouse view


Floor camera views


So the downsides to the program:

  1. You have to pay $79 for the program. Until you do, the trial version will remain smeared across your screen and you can not save any work.
  2. Unless you purchase what I will call “expansion packs” you are stuck with the free furniture/ decor related items that come with the program or are listed as Wayfair Trade items.
  3. The controls to move around the room and items are a little jumpy. In fact, they stalled a lot for me.
  4. I left my PC on for days because I was working on creating my entire house (see the dollhouse view) and by day 5, the program started to run super slow.
  5. Like other programs, the colors are given generic names. Maybe you can purchase brand paint colors maybe they’re free, I didn’t get that far.
  6. The graphics are “meh.” I am not sure if this is because I was running the free trail or not, but I would expect a little more. I mean Madden Football games have better graphics and cost the same amount of money. Also could be my graphics card. Who knows, I just thought for $79 I’d be blown away.

What I liked about the program:

  1. You can literally customize just about everything. Want that faucet brushed brass and not stainless? Done.  Want that credenza a mix of walnut and white, this program will make it happen. Change the color of your sofa cushions or trim in a couple of clicks. It’s my favorite part of the whole program.
  2. Wainscoting and crown moulding  you can customize.
  3. When you place a light fixture in the room, it makes light.
  4. There are lots of freebies of major brand items you can download like Wolfe appliances.
  5. All the views are free.
  6. Once you purchase the program, it’s yours. No having to purchase credits or pay a monthly subscription.
  7. Obviously there’s paneled french doors! A first for all the programs. That’s because  you can customize a single door to be a double door and adjust the width.
  8. The selection of architectural elements is stupid amazing. I was able to use the exact same doors that are in my house.
  9. Glass is actually clear.
  10. Different variety of woods and stains, i.e. walnut, cherry, pine, etc.

The list goes on…

I am sure there is so much more I did not get too. Home Designer Interiors is AMAZING. It’s more affordable than Sketchup (which I am playing with now) and is easy to use (Sketchup requires more learning).  Seriously, here’s an image of the internet that shows a kitchen and the details you can include. Just about all of it customizable.

Image result for home designer interiors 2018

How dope is that.

I highly recommend Home Designer Interiors. Download the trial and see for yourself.


I went ahead and bought the program. I love it. Brand paint colors from Behr, SW and Ben Moore can be downloaded for free. Also, my new favorite thing about the program, you can upload patterns (like wallpaper) of photos art and use them in your design. I purchased the Interiors version but I should have just paid $20 for the suite version because you can do landscaping. Maybe they will upgrade me 🙂


Last week I was in Dallas for work. Had a 4-day weekend during which I really did not do anything besides clean house, house hunt with friends, mess around with the internet, and drop off the last piece of art to have it framed. This week I am in the office and completely unmotivated to do anything. Andy thinks this upcoming weekend we should install wainscoting in the entry hallway. I want to, but I want to find the right now. One that is appropriate for a craftsman bungalow. I am thinking board and batten (left and center photo) seems to be the most logical choice. It’s prevalent in most historical homes, looks clean, and great in white. Wains
Andy is more fond of beadboard (right photo). I think it works but it’s definitely not as widely distributed in craftsman bungalows as board and batten are. To me, it just screams “farm” or “bathroom”. It does require the least amount of work though. You just buy the top cap, the sheets and go to town hanging it up. With board and batten, you have to measure 30 many times then cut, then measure and cut some more, cuss, and measure and cut one last time.

One thing we can agree on is the wall above the wainscoting or beadboard should be navy. Now we just need to decide on which navy paint. Luckily, Schneiderman’s Blog has broken it down with this nice list of the best navy paints that are not exclusively one brand or another.

So we will see if this weekend gets us started on a project or if we will be just hanging out and doing nothing like other weekends.

EasyHome HomeStyler Review

My next review of online interior design software is EasyHome HomeStyler. This is a 100% free software that does not require a download. They also have a mobile app of the program. Below are some 2D and 3D renderings of my guest bedroom.

snapshot-Fri, 28 Jul 2017 14-35-58 GMTsnapshot-Fri, 28 Jul 2017 14-37-00 GMTsnapshot-Fri, 28 Jul 2017 14-38-03 GMT

First off, just like Home By Me, it’s obvious that the program does not offer paneled interior french doors. There are interior sliding doors, pockets doors, but no swinging french doors. Other issues I have found:

  1. Resizing fixtures or home items is impossible- You can resize walls, windows and other architectural elements but when it comes to items from the catalog whether its a bed, nightstands, or window treatments, they are not re-sizable. In my shared images there are no nightstands (they would not fit with the jumbo sized bed) and the window drapes are way too wide.
  2. Building items are limited- Lack of paneled interior french doors is only one problem. You can not change the color on building items, only the general height and width. Also, I think there are only 6 options for carpet.
  3. Applying paint sucks- Click the wall then go back and click the paint color in the paint box. Repeat for every wall. It would be nice if there was an option to paint all walls this color. Also, the colors are just HEX codes. With as many name brand items in the program, you’d think they could use actual paint names like “Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black.”
  4. 3D- There is first person view and orbit view. They are really touchy to mouse movement. Orbit is like a birds eye view, only not. You’ll see what I mean if you try it. Also, you can not toggle the camera to move up and down. Only left to right and zoom in/ out.

What I did like about the program:

  1. Completely free!
  2. The catalog offers items from actual places you have heard from like Crate and Barrel, Room and Board, and Airhaus to name a few.
  3. I like the 2D rendering. It’s much more fun and artistic looking that Home By Me.
  4. Image downloading is quick, simple, and free. There is a screen shot button that you click to instantly take a screen shot of your program and download it.
  5. You can save as many projects as you like.
  6. 3D images are free and you can download as many as you want.
  7. Project Summary keeps track of everything you have added to your design. Weblinks to everything are provided there so you can easily purchase them.
  8. There is a recently used button that allows you to go back and select an item in case you make a bad design decision.
  9. 100s of paint colors to choose from.
  10. Background Image- You can upload a background image for added flair. Designing a mountain home? Upload a mountain picture.
  11. Mobile App option- Work on your design even when away from a PC.

Overall, I like the program but I would not use it if I were seriously designing something. I think of it was more of a game, like Home Building Simulator. Because it’s completely free, there is not reason why you should not visit the website and play around with it.

Check out HomeStyler here and my review of Home By Me here.

Osprey Bend Master Bedroom Reveal Part 1

Last time I wrote about our master bedroom, I was trying to decide the placement of furniture and then which nightstands would work. Ultimately, I settled on placing the bed between the two windows and the Pulaski Nightstands.

RoomSketcher Project ImageRoomSketcher Snapshot (1)RoomSketcher Snapshot

With furniture and placement out of the way, I’ve been working out the details like lamps, linens, art, etc. All of that is done. The only detail/ purchase I have left to decide on right now is if I want to put a bench in front of the bed. I think it looks good and it will provide a place to sit in the room that is not on the bed. Plus, it’s a place for Andy to store his shoes. He hates having his shoes in the closet for some reason.

Since the room is right off the living room, I definitely wanted the two areas to work together. This why I choose a navy-blue bed. Yes, navy-blue is my favorite, but using this color on the piece of furniture that is the main focus point in each room was a good starting point for cohesiveness. I also wanted the bedroom to have a worldly, eclectic vibe just like the main part of the house. So, I started incorporating different textures like stone, rattan, and different weaves of material while trying to keep it neutral and calm.

Bedroom Inspiration


In the future, if we continued the tile in the living room into our bedroom, I would add Persian rug into the room. And of course, a bench. I’m thinking rattan or wood- nothing upholstered. Who knows, maybe I’d even ditch the white walls and go for a nice pale neutral grey/ putty color.

LIving Room 2