Organic Modern Living Room with a Global Twist

I’m at The Marriott Marquis in downtown Houston and the mix of art deco, various forms of modern, and mid-century here is awesome. I hope to snap some photos today and tomorrow for Instagram. Seriously, just look at this restaurant, The Walker Street Kitchen.

Image result for walker street kitchen

Not only is the food AMAZING (hello Moo-mi sandwich), but the atmosphere is modern, organic, masculine, clean, and calming at the same time. It made me want to switch up my living room from an eclectic space to something more clean, organic, and modern but with my rug, of course.

Organic Modern Living RoomNot quite as masculine as I would like, but I love my Heriz rug way too much to take it out of the living room. So, I kept it a little global with the Danielle Oakey pillows. I mixed brass, black, metal, rustic wood, and bamboo textures/ finishes so that it encompassess many different elements without anything being too harsh (hence the need for the neutral cream sofa).  Andy like the look, in fact, I know if I went the masculine route versus the global, he’d be totally into it as well. But you know, that rug is just too pretty. Not the rug above, my rug, which is similar. Plus, I have those giant pots and other random stuff from Indonesia. So the global needs to stay. But it doesn’t mean I can’t dream of an accent wall in modern plaid wallpaper.

Brewster Home Rockefeller Beige Plaid





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