Home Designer Interiors Review

The next interior design software I am reviewing is the 2018 version of Home Designer Interiors by Chief Architect. The trial version of the program is free to use or you can purchase the product for $79. As with other posts, I did my guest bedroom.

The first thing you will notice is the variety of views this program comes with. There is a floor plan view, the camera view (3D), the Dollhouse view (also 3D) and the glass house view (weird 2D/ 3D thing).

Floor plan view



Dollhouse view


Glasshouse view


Floor camera views


So the downsides to the program:

  1. You have to pay $79 for the program. Until you do, the trial version will remain smeared across your screen and you can not save any work.
  2. Unless you purchase what I will call “expansion packs” you are stuck with the free furniture/ decor related items that come with the program or are listed as Wayfair Trade items.
  3. The controls to move around the room and items are a little jumpy. In fact, they stalled a lot for me.
  4. I left my PC on for days because I was working on creating my entire house (see the dollhouse view) and by day 5, the program started to run super slow.
  5. Like other programs, the colors are given generic names. Maybe you can purchase brand paint colors maybe they’re free, I didn’t get that far.
  6. The graphics are “meh.” I am not sure if this is because I was running the free trail or not, but I would expect a little more. I mean Madden Football games have better graphics and cost the same amount of money. Also could be my graphics card. Who knows, I just thought for $79 I’d be blown away.

What I liked about the program:

  1. You can literally customize just about everything. Want that faucet brushed brass and not stainless? Done.  Want that credenza a mix of walnut and white, this program will make it happen. Change the color of your sofa cushions or trim in a couple of clicks. It’s my favorite part of the whole program.
  2. Wainscoting and crown moulding  you can customize.
  3. When you place a light fixture in the room, it makes light.
  4. There are lots of freebies of major brand items you can download like Wolfe appliances.
  5. All the views are free.
  6. Once you purchase the program, it’s yours. No having to purchase credits or pay a monthly subscription.
  7. Obviously there’s paneled french doors! A first for all the programs. That’s because  you can customize a single door to be a double door and adjust the width.
  8. The selection of architectural elements is stupid amazing. I was able to use the exact same doors that are in my house.
  9. Glass is actually clear.
  10. Different variety of woods and stains, i.e. walnut, cherry, pine, etc.

The list goes on…

I am sure there is so much more I did not get too. Home Designer Interiors is AMAZING. It’s more affordable than Sketchup (which I am playing with now) and is easy to use (Sketchup requires more learning).  Seriously, here’s an image of the internet that shows a kitchen and the details you can include. Just about all of it customizable.

Image result for home designer interiors 2018

How dope is that.

I highly recommend Home Designer Interiors. Download the trial and see for yourself.


I went ahead and bought the program. I love it. Brand paint colors from Behr, SW and Ben Moore can be downloaded for free. Also, my new favorite thing about the program, you can upload patterns (like wallpaper) of photos art and use them in your design. I purchased the Interiors version but I should have just paid $20 for the suite version because you can do landscaping. Maybe they will upgrade me 🙂

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