Osprey Bend Master Bedroom Reveal Part 1

Last time I wrote about our master bedroom, I was trying to decide the placement of furniture and then which nightstands would work. Ultimately, I settled on placing the bed between the two windows and the Pulaski Nightstands.

RoomSketcher Project ImageRoomSketcher Snapshot (1)RoomSketcher Snapshot

With furniture and placement out of the way, I’ve been working out the details like lamps, linens, art, etc. All of that is done. The only detail/ purchase I have left to decide on right now is if I want to put a bench in front of the bed. I think it looks good and it will provide a place to sit in the room that is not on the bed. Plus, it’s a place for Andy to store his shoes. He hates having his shoes in the closet for some reason.

Since the room is right off the living room, I definitely wanted the two areas to work together. This why I choose a navy-blue bed. Yes, navy-blue is my favorite, but using this color on the piece of furniture that is the main focus point in each room was a good starting point for cohesiveness. I also wanted the bedroom to have a worldly, eclectic vibe just like the main part of the house. So, I started incorporating different textures like stone, rattan, and different weaves of material while trying to keep it neutral and calm.

Bedroom Inspiration


In the future, if we continued the tile in the living room into our bedroom, I would add Persian rug into the room. And of course, a bench. I’m thinking rattan or wood- nothing upholstered. Who knows, maybe I’d even ditch the white walls and go for a nice pale neutral grey/ putty color.

LIving Room 2

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