It’s new lamp day! This is super exciting. It’s assembled and in my living room. The shade is “meh”, but overall the lamp is great! Hopefully in the coming weeks we will take the photos of the living room and post them. I am happy with the way it has turned out thus far.

Next up, this past week I have been obsessing over green dining rooms. My latest edition of House Beautiful featured the most adorable sun-room with green bistro chairs similar to these and a simple, yet sweet,  Scandinavian inspired table. So I decided to create this room’s evil twin who is dark, moody, and glamorous.

Green Glam Dining Room

Starting price for this room would be around $12,000. From there, it would just depend on the amount of wallpaper, wall molding, paint needed and the number of seats and table settings. I know it’s expensive by my standards. In fact, this would be the “hi” in a hi/lo post. Alternatives to the chairs can be found here: 1/2/3/4, the credenza: 1/2/3/4, the chandelier: 1/2/3/4 and the flatware: 1/2/3/4.


Regardless of trends, I still love using dark green in a room. I painted the walls in the office at our old house a dark green. I loved the way the walls looked, but the green paint was an absolute nightmare. When painting over a super light color with a super dark color, you can see where there was not enough paint pretty easily. So it took multiple coats to get those four walls covered. It was also my first time using Ben Moore. Normally I am a SW gal, and after this experience, I probably still would be. In my opinion, the paint was runny.

Outside of this, life has pretty normal. Work is slower this week, which is good. And this weekend, I am seeing my parents. So also good. Ever had Central Market Dark Chocolate with orange? It too is also good and the perfect after dinner treat.



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