Modern Eclectic Living Room

Living Room Mood Board Option 1

Our living room is what I like to call “home base.” We are always there either watching TV, hanging out, having drinks, or eating dinner. Sometimes, doing all of those at the same time. It’s less square footage than our last living room, but the ceilings are taller and it’s way more open, with more light.

I want the room to reflect our love for mid century style and worldly accents. I want it to be timeless and comfortable. To be random, yet some how put together like we are. I want a room where I can use all the stuff I currently own until it wears out and must be replaced.

Living Room Mood Board Inspiration

First step was to configure a living room layout that would work. We like watching TV and having tea at night. Second step was to find the perfect rug. You can see/ read about it here. Third, I started collecting images of navy sofas. I don’t plan on letting that one go, so I know the room needed to evolve around it. This is how I settled on purchasing a red Persian.

Right now I am pulling together all the details. Ideally, I would have more seating, but until I get built-ins installed where the TV is, the IKEA credenza has to stay. Eventually though, I am thinking a sleeper sofa and additional accent chairs.Living Room Mood Board Option 2

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