This past weekend was full of movies, laziness, and a birthday party. Of course I did laundry, went to the gym, and managed to cook a decent meal but for the most part, the weekend was a blip in time.

We did make it over to Torchy’s Tacos. It was my first time there. Two questions I asked myself: “What’s so great about Torchy’s Tacos?” and “Why do people love Torchy’s Tacos?” It’s seriously just a glorified, over-sized street taco in my opinion. The queso they had there was great. It has green chilies, which turned up the heat and added so much more flavor that your run of the mill, powdery cheese version.  I am also curious how their street corn tastes. But the pork taco with the green sauce on a corn tortilla was just “meh”. Comments like this will probably catch me a lot of flack. But seriously, why stand in a long line and pay $3-$5  for something that I can pick up from a taco truck. Taco trucks are also more plentiful. They have a smaller line and also offer Mexican cokes.

So, in my opinion, Torchy’s Tacos, so not worth it. Unless it’s free, then that’s okay. Free tacos are always the best.

Tomorrow, a sneak peek of where I am heading with my living room. It’s mid century. It’s got an antique Persian Heriz rug. And, it’s almost done.


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