Tuesdays are the unknown, weird, second cousin of Monday.  You’re still tired when you wake up but not as tired. The week ahead of you seems long yet not completely dismal. Tuesdays mean you can start to get excited about the upcoming weekend. And, after all, it’s not Monday. Traffic is better. Meals are better. My hair styles better. Everything is just slightly better than the day before unless you live in my house. Then today, Tuesday, means you woke up to ants inside your kitchen pantry, on your counters, the backsplash and in the dog food. Seriously, WTF.

We battled them for about 15 minutes, then I went outside to investigate. This is about 5:00 AM, so it’s still dark. But there I am, in my white sleeping shorts that have pink flamingos on them, flip flops and a head lamp trying to find where the ants are coming from so I can start their day off with my own version of chemical warfare. It didn’t take long, there was a nice trail of them running up my foundation, underneath my hardiplank from a small mulched bed near the gas. Bingo.

At about 5:10 AM this morning, I unleashed hell this ant mound in my pajamas. I dug up the mound, sprayed the hell of it and my foundation with my favorite product, Orange Guard. It takes a few, but it kills ants on the spot. It has a pleasant odor and it’s nontoxic/ water based. So if I have to use it around the dogs, no big deal. I’ve used it on multiple forms of ants and other types of bugs, including spiders and it works very well. Then I sprinkled granules on the bed, and along the foundation of the house. I went inside, put on cloths and did my makeup. Went back outside, and sprayed them again because as luck would have it, the went around the Orange Guard and tried to start coming in a little further down.

We’ve been battling ants for weeks now. That is one of the crappy things about new build in Texas, they’re built on ant hills. Having an empty lot next store and behind you does not help either. We’ve sprinkled granules in the mounds on the fields. We continually find teenie tiny holes in the caulk throughout the house, so we seal them. Last night the ants were definitely coming from behind the stove. We pulled it out, vacuumed them, Swiffered the floor, and then I shimmied between the wall and stove down to the floor to recaulk the seams between the tile and the trim. For large gaps, like the one behind my fridge, where the tile was not finished, we used Great Stuff. This expandable foam has definitely been an ally during the great ant war of ’17.

Hopefully I go home today, to a small amount of ants. I want zero, but there are always stragglers. After I laid down the granules, ants immediately starting picking them up and taking them back to the mound. Before I left the house, I checked the area for a third time, and none were on the foundation, they were just picking on granules and walking around with them. So hopefully today, problem will start to be solved. Wish us luck.

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