Hunter Anslee Fan Review

In our home, three rooms came with the traditional “boob lamp” instead of a ceiling fan. We finally decided to replace them. I wanted a modern ceiling fan that was all white, and would fit nicely into these rooms, which are on the smaller size (all three in the neighborhood of 10’x10′).  We settled on the Hunter Anslee fans.

The fans were purchased from primarily because they were on sale on the site, shipping was free, there was an estimated shipping time frame (these fans are special order), and I would earn cash back going through SwagBucks.

The fans arrived earlier than expected which was great. We installed the first one in the office. Overall, it’s a simple installation process. My husband did it easily by himself. I would recommend reading the instructions all the way through first. The bags of hardware are marked with shapes such as a triangle or square. Not all of the instructions state which bag of hardware will have the pieces you need. This is crappy because a lot of the hardware looks the same. Each fan blade is mounted with 3 different screws with a washer so this is time consuming. The next most difficult part came when it was time to attach the light kit. You have to cram this tiny screw between all the light kit wires and parts to attach the kit.

The fan comes with two CFL bulbs, which is nice. The put out the exact amount of warm white light you would expect. The fan is also very quiet. The fan speeds are so-so. Low is pretty low, medium is what some might consider low and high hauls ass. The amount of air generated on the slow speed is ridiculous. I don’t think we will ever even use this speed. The medium speed moves the air nicely, making the room feel less stuffy. And high, well its fast and moves a lot of air, almost too much. I would say leave the fan on medium, and you’ll be fine.

The second fan we installed was in the guest bedroom. We installed it easily and left it turned on. The fan then started emitting a heinous odor. A mix between chemical and motor. We turned it off  uninstalled the fan. I called and without a question, they have requested a replacement at no charge and I am expecting a label to print to return the defected one. The third fan was installed in the guest bedroom and works beautifully. Same as the office.

Overall, I recommend the Hunter Anslee. It’s an affordable, modern ceiling fan that blends in well with my ceilings (they are 10′). It works well with the double wall switch set-up and installation is fairly simple. If you need this fan for ceilings that re 10′ and taller, there is an extended attachment you will have to purchase separately. I did not do this, and I am thinking I maybe should have. I also recommend you buy the Hunter Anslee fan from They also sell the matching down-rod extension.

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