Because nobody likes a case of the Mondays

Hope everyone had a nice, long holiday weekend. We spent our time drinking wine, battling fire ants and going to the lap pool. Oh, and I finally found nightstand lamps.

After much deliberation, I decided on a taller white lamp. I knew I wanted something with texture and I wanted it to be under $100 per lamp since I change my mind often. Unless it’s a lamp adhered to the wall, I think your bedsides lamps should be under $200 per lamp if you can spare it, or under $100 otherwise. After all, if you change bedding or paint, you could end up needed a new lamp. So there you have it, splurge of chandeliers and scones that make a statement, save on table lamps unless they are a focal point in an entry. Then in that case, save on the chandelier. Seriously a room only needs one lighting focal point.

For me, I feel I change accessories and looks like I change underwear. So, I needed to spend under $100. I found these at Joss and Main. They checked every box. Naturally, I wanted to see if I could find them elsewhere cheaper and that is when I came across these at At Home. Even after purchasing shades, harps and finials, I still came out cheaper. Plus, if I decided after a day or two they did not work, it would be an easy return. Now, I just need to decide on bedding.

Friday Furniture- Honeycomb lamp

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