Because nobody likes a case of the Mondays

We took a mini vacation to New Orleans two weeks ago. We ate, drank, gambled, ate and drank some more. All in all, it was a good trip. If you are there, make sure you eat at GW Fins, totally worth it.

So everything was great until we got home and I decided to hang up two of my curtains that I had dry cleaned. Prince had an accident and the two curtains had soaked it up. So I took them to the dry cleaners to have them dry cleaned because the label says dry clean only. They are not about 6 inches shorter than when I took them. #frustrated. So obviously, they washed them. Luckily I only paid $2.99 a panel, so I am not totally angry, more aggravated.

About a month ago we had to replace the sod at our house. Right now, it is by far the best looking lawn on our street. Maybe even in all of Lakeland Heights. The secret? Leaf compost, molasses, and seaweed fertilizer. Seriously, just look at the before and after of our front lawn.

Lawn Before_After

The before photo is not even the worse. Before the grass was replaced, and the additives added, the yard was mainly weeds, some grass and dirt. I couldn’t be happier with the results. And I know as I continue to care for the lawn (more seaweed) it will continue to fill in and grow. I also plan to plug in some more natives in the front beds.

A couple of natives that do well in the southeast Texas include Turks cap (below), Texas sage, Butterfly weed, Bulbine, Texas lantana, Purple coneflower, and a variety of other sages and salvias. Although with the Texas lantana and salvia, you have to be careful, they can take over the garden.

2016- Nov 4 (9)

Along my fence in the backyard, I am hoping to plant Turks cap and Bulbine. In the front, I am thinking of adding two planters of Texas lantana and more day-lilies along with purple coneflower in the front yard. We will just have to see what the plant store has available since I’ve missed the opportunity to purchase plants online. Whatever I choose, I will be planting the plants with some leaf compost and giving them some seaweed love once it’s all done.

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