I decided to quit grad school. There, I said it.

I’m pretty happy about my decision too. See, when we first got married, I worked in retail. I worked a lot. So much that it sent me to the emergency room once from exhaustion and dehydration. After five years, it got old and I wanted to go back to school. So, I got my current job and went back to school. That went on for another five years. I graduated, took a year off and then this past December, I decided to get a MBA.


What was I thinking? For starters, I was bored and I am good at school, so I thought what not. Also, I thought it would boost me to the top a little quicker. I thought it would set me apart from others in the communication field.  I would be able to communicate and understand business better after the degree. And of course, my pay would hopefully increase. I am sure all of this would be true, but is it what I wanted? And, was I willing to pay the price for something I was unsure about. I questioned the decision multiple times. Andy and I had many conversations about my fear that it would not pay off.


The real turning moment for me was when I spoke to two other women who had MBAs and some sort of a communications background. One didn’t regret it but felt she would have been further by now. The other was questioning if was worth it or not. Right now, she was leaning towards the “not.” My fears were justified.

The more I got to thinking about it the more I realized what was important to me and what was not. I love to be around my husband and family. I love interior design and cooking French food. I want to travel and eat French food in France and enjoy my life. To me, a MBA would put me on a path opposite of where I wanted to be. I would have spent 2 years not getting to do what I wanted to do, because school comes first. Then I would have transitioned into higher up positions that could mean longer hours, travel and added stress. Plus, I would have had to take on debt that I did not need. (MBAs are expensive). After graduation, I still would not be able to do exactly what I wanted because I would be paying off a degree that I wasn’t even sure about to begin with.

Also, when it comes to work, I know my strengths and interests. Finance, accounting, economics and computer systems does not fall into either of those categories. If I want to learn about one or all of these subjects, there are plenty of other resources in this world I could learn from that do not cost near as much as a MBA.


So, after three text books, countless hours of studying, reading and writing, and two-thousand dollars, I decided a MBA is not for me. I did finish the semester. Unless I completely bombed my last assignments, I should have ended with an A in both classes. I also learned a lot. Accounting makes a lot more sense now. And, I know that organization behavior is a favorite topic of mine. It was for the undergrad and it was my favorite class during grad school.

I don’t regret my decision to start or to stop. At least I know and will never wonder. So before you decide to go for a MBA, think about what you really enjoy. Think about the future you want. Think about what’s important to you in life. Talk to people who have a MBA and a background similar to yours or in a field  you want to be in. Figure it all out before you take the plunge because believe me, a MBA requires a lot of work and time, so you’d better have done your research.

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