You’ve Gone Too Far- Mosaic Tile

I love houses. I probably should have been a real estate agent. But houses are not like puppies or shoes, you can not rescue/ buy them all. So, wise choice to practice PR and love houses as a hobby. So, when I am bored, or curious about something I see in my neighborhood, I scroll through HAR listings.

My neighborhood is the perfect example of a mix of what could be considered moderately priced homes mixed with custom homes in a sprawling suburb that is quickly growing. Normally, the phrase is less is more. In my neck of the woods, it’s more like more is more. Sometimes, the more is more is bad, really, really bad. Case in point:

Yes people, that is 1″ square mosaic tiles on the walls and the ceiling of a dining room in a home in my neighborhood. It’s a model home, which means this was installed to razzle and dazzle potential buyers. Holy crap, why? The ceiling, if left alone and accented with a statement chandelier, would have been enough to make this room. But someone went and added mosaic tile everywhere. And not just here either. Let’s count the number of places mosaic tile can be found in the house.

Number 1, obviously the dining room. Number 2, the study center.

3 and 4, the entry hall and art niche (I hate these.)

Number 5, the fireplace. Wouldn’t subway tile or a slab of marble worked so much better here?

6, the kitchen back splash. I’m not sure what the heck that is above the range. It looks like more mosaic tile, but I am going to group it with this one.

Number 8, the master bathroom tub surround. Also, I am pretty sure the master bath shower will also be mosaic tile.  And what’s up with the towel ribbons?

9, another art niche, seriously? And there is more of that generic art downstairs.

10, it’s difficult to see, but the shower is mosaic tile in this bathroom. And really, the towel ribbons?

There you have it. At least 10 different areas with mosaic tile in this house for the bargain price of $748K. Proving more does get you more. I am sure for a couple more grand, they could have tossed in mosaic tile on the back yard patio somewhere but this is Texas. Everyone knows that a backyard is just aesthetics, the garage is where it’s at. So maybe sine mosaic tile for there?

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