Because nobody likes a case of the Mondays

Wallpaper, wall art, open shelving, wall murals, wall mirrors, wall molding, and painting. Figuring out what to do with the walls in a home is a daunting task. Let’s face it, selecting the wrong item/ treatment for walls sucks.

“Oh those shelves worked for me, now they don’t. Time to do some major drywall repair from where the anchors were removed.”

“Damnit, this wallpaper is not lining up.”

“Crap, I hung that up crooked.”

“That doesn’t look like the same color of paint.”

Right now, I have many empty walls in my house and I am having a hard time committing to anything. The house is only 7 months old, still brand spanking new in my opinion. The walls are pristine and white, besides the couple of places I hung art, window treatments and a mirror. Andy wants something on this one wall that acts as a sort of hallway/ kitchen wall thing. Here is a photo of the wall during the build.


At first, we thought big piece of art, but we couldn’t find common ground on a piece. Plus, it would have to be big and we did’t want to spend the money on a big piece that was just “meh.” We already have a gallery wall in the living room, so that wouldn’t work. So then, I suggested a large vintage flag. That’s actually pretty difficult to find unless you are Americana. Lastly, I suggested open shelving. We need the storage, right? But what color? And what else could I do that is not industrial style?

Either it’s tone on tone with the walls or the shelves match the floor. I think the tone on tone is definitely classier but matching the floor definitely makes a statement. Either way, the floating wall shelves look more modern and definitely fit in with the eclectic living room vibe. And honestly, I am over the industrial shelving look.
So, so very over it.

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