IKEA 2017 Stockholm Collection

Today, I am talking about how IKEA’s 2017 Stockholm Collection nailed it when it comes to mixing Scandinavian with a little bit of California. To all you Serena and Lily lovers out there trying to save a dime, this one is for you.

Let’s just right into it with one of the most fabulous cabinets I have ever seen.

STOCKHOLM 2017 Cabinet IKEA Made from rattan and ash, natural materials that age with grace.  Steady on uneven floors, thanks to the adjustable feet.

Yeah. I know. Brass handles. Rattan. It’s gorgeous. And at $349, it’s a steal. Even Andy was like, that’s a really good looking cabinet for booze. I know babe, I know.

There’s also the rest of the collection, which looks a lot like many of the items on Serena and Lily, except they are a fraction of the price. And by fraction, I am talking half the price on most items, available with the 2017 Stockholm Collection, some even more. So for your viewing and shopping pleasure, here is the Serena and Lily versus IKEA 2017 Stockholm Collection comparison.

Ikea Versus Serena

Rattan Chairs: Serena and Lily, $498 and IKEA, $229

Coffee Tables: Serena and Lily, $998 an IKEA, $109

Pillow: Serena and Lily, $68 an IKEA, $14.99

Napkins and Fabric: Serena and Lily, $32 for 4 and IKEA, $8.99 per yard (DIY)

Wood Bowl: Serena and Lily, $228 and IKEA, $19.99

5×7 Rug: Serena and Lily, $298 an IKEA, $169

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