Because no one likes a case of the Mondays

Today we are celebrating new sod!

Sod is a total Texas suburbanite problem. For us, the problem started when we first purchased the home. In August of 2016, our sod was delivered on two pallets in our driveway. It sat on the pallets in the Texas sun for at least a week before they laid it down. Sod does not like to be treated this way.


When we moved in, the sod was already struggling to establish. Then, in December, we decided to install a sprinkler system. So the yard was torn up which did not help the sod. Then it started raining, then it got colder, and then we had a freeze. Some areas recovered. Others never did. The ones that never recovered became worse after all the spring rain like this empty spot right off the patio, which becomes a nice little pond the dogs can not avoid during storms.


Apparently David Weekly warranty does not cover sod. They said it’s our responsibility as  homeowners. I get that. But wasn’t it your responsibility to lay the sod down within 24 hours of getting it and to water it until I moved in? You know, when I was not the homeowner yet?

Regardless, the new sod is here and the guy who did the sod laid down new top soil and compost before installing the new sod. You know, the way it’s supposed to be done. So now, we look like this.


It’s looking pretty good to us and we’ve been told within a month it should fill in making the lawn look cohesive. Now I just need to worry about replacing some dead knock out roses I tried to move around the garden. The move was just too much for them.

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