Because nobody likes a case of the Mondays

Thank goodness it’s Thursday. I am ready for a day off which will be half of Saturday and all of Sunday. I have to work this weekend. Yeah it sucks because it’s Round Top weekend and as much as I thought about not going, and committed to that, the thought of still going is there. I guess it’s the idea that I could find some amazing deal or an item I’ve been looking for, but I doubt it. I’m at the point where I need specifics. A runner, two mirrors for my bathroom, art work that fits our tastes. I don’t need nor do I want a bunch of things to put on shelves. Simplicity my friends is always the best route.

I ran two miles the other day after not running for over a week. Today, I hope to do about the same. I also have accounting homework I need to get started on. Next week is busy too. Andy wants to go to the new car show, we are having new sod installed, and I have to work that Saturday too. On top of it all there is also school work and regular life activities.

Last week I contemplated quitting the MBA program. I guess I was just feeling drained and unmotivated. Plus, I read reviews of upcoming professors/ classes I am taking and they were bad. Getting an MBA is a choice. My choice, I get that. So my thought was, why am I choosing to stress myself out? Are the benefits of going through the program and earning the degree really worth it? Not just in dollars and cents, but are the lessons I am learning, really going to provide me something I can’t learn from personal experiences or online?


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