Whew! This last week has been nuts. Last weekend Andy and I went to my parents. We did a little hiking, ate really good food and just had a fantastic time. Then I came home and I spent Sunday studying on my accounting test. Took the test, made a 64 (cry) so then I spent the next couple of days after that studying my ass off. Took it again, made an 84 (yay!) Then I just relaxed the rest of the week.

Thursday I made a plan for the front garden and we went out to purchase plants. 18 plants total as a matter of fact. This included 6 day lilies, 4 society garlic, 4 Texas sage, 2 knock out roses and 2 prairie grasses. I actually needed two more plants but Andy wants firecracker bushes which were not available at Houston Garden Center. So we went to Plants for All Seasons and picked on up on Saturday. You can see the before and after images on my Instagram.

Saturday night, friends and food. Tomorrow, planting a firecracker bush.


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