Because nobody like a case of the Mondays

We all have those moments where we are living life and then for a minute, we are seeing it as a third person, as  an onlooker. When this happens for the most part, I think to myself, “Wow, look at my life” and then I smile. Lately though, it’s been moments full of emptiness.

Tomorrow I turn 35. The number really does not bother me. I think I look good for 35 and I certainly do not feel 35. Maybe more like 28-30. Regardless, lately, I’ve been an onlooker in my life and when I look at it, I just feel empty. I’ve been happily married for 11 years. Andy and I agree being married is probably the greatest thing in our lives. Seriously I spend every day with my best friend and lover, what else could I want? I’m successful. I am liked by many people and I am, for the most part, respected at work. I have great friends. I’ve got two cocker spaniels. One is driving me nuts, but he’s old so, yeah it is what it is. I have a beautiful home. I earned my BA while working and I am working on my MBA.

So, why the emptiness? Well, as two people have said, Andy and I are trying to find a purpose. It’s like we are going though a mid life soul search. We’re happy but we are still missing something in our lives that gives us purpose. I mean, sure there is each other, but that’s been that for 11-12 years. So, what is the next great thing? What is our ultimate purpose?

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