Because no one likes a case of the Mondays

Sunday’s run was 3.66 miles. Not my longest, but still a good run. The humidity was terrible. This week I might have to run on the treadmill because temperatures will be in the 80’s. I’m slightly disappointed I have to run indoors, but at the same time, I accept the fact that I need to get use to it. Outdoor running in Texas during the summer only happens early in the morning or later at night. Neither time frame works for my schedule.

The past Sunday I cooked dinner for friends for #Frenchcooking Sunday. I served Poulet à la moutarde (Mustard Chicken) alongside a simple spinach salad. For dessert, Mousse au citron (Lemon Mousse). Everything was delicious. It was my first time to make a mousse and I enjoyed the process. I suggest using Meyer’s lemons if you can afford/ find them. The juice and zest were better and more plentiful in my opinion.

And before I forget, yesterday was seriously the most epic deal day of all time. The IKEA Merete curtains did not work out. My next choice were the Pottery Barn Cameron Cotton Pole Drapes. I had visited the Pottery Barn (PB) two weeks ago by my job to see if they had them in stock. When the lady working at PB checked the stock, the drapes were coming up as a stupid low price of like 5 bucks each as opposed to the regular price of $49. But this was for 96″ only and I needed 118″. Flash forward to yesterday, I called the same PB. I ask about the drapes and provide an item number. The woman tells me they really do not have any in stock but one and it was coming up as $3.97 a drape. I asked why it was so low, she said when a PB storefront gets an item returned it does not carry in store, they will mark them down low to push them out. She then tells me there is a store in Scottsdale, AZ that has 18 for the price of $3.97 and I can call them, purchase them over the phone and have them shipped to me. So I did. Yesterday, I purchased 11 drapes for the total price of $43, including shipping. They actually only cost me $2.97 each. Seriously deal of the freaking century.


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