IKEA Merete Curtain Review


This past weekend I tried to hang up curtains in the dining area. In an effort to save money, I purchased IKEA Merete curtains. They come in 2 sizes and four colors. The color and size I purchased was 118″ in white.

To begin, they are not a true white. They are more of an ivory. The photo above (taken from the IKEA website) does not accurately portray the color of the panels. I knew this going in to the whole ordeal, but like I said, I was trying to save money. They have silver grommets on the top and the hem quality is exactly what you would expect with IKEA, about 3 inches on the bottom and 1 inch on the sides of a simple hem. The curtains are not lined. They are not sheer but they are not privacy curtains either. They are more like a heavy cotton canvas. Really heavy boring cotton canvas.

I purchased 5 sets (I need 10 curtains for the living/ dining area hence the desire to save money.) I am not one for a grommet drape, and I needed them shorter. So, I took from the grommet end and changed them into 108″ curtains and had planned to use curtain rings to hang them with. The rod I installed was from Urbanest Living. Disclaimer on that one, the drywall mounting anchors they send with the hardware sucks hard. The hardware is nice for the price but the drywall mounting anchors are terrible, so you will need to by new ones or aim for wall studs.

I attached curtain rings to four panels, got them on the rod, and got the rod on the wall. The drywall anchors for the hardware that hold the rod immediately starting coming out of the wall. Four drapes on an 80″ rod, with a total of 4 dray wall anchors and a middle rod bracket screwed into a stud, and they were coming off the wall. The drapes were just too heavy for the drywall anchors that came with the curtain rod. Technically, the drywall anchors should support up to 20 pounds each, so that tells you about the total weight of the curtains along with the curtain rings and hardware.

Plus, when they were up they looked like a huge hanging painter’s cloth. I’ve purchased panels at Target for $20 each and these looks worse than those. Heck, I’ve purchased other panels at IKEA for less and they were better quality. In my opinion, the IKEA Merete curtains are a waste of money. Spend a little more and get something nicer.

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