Last weekend, in an effort to celebrate the return of Spring time, I had Andy turn back on the sprinkler system, and I purchased new running shorts. Then on Valentines Day, it rained, and the temperatures dropped again.

See that’s one of those things about Texas. The weather is stupid. Temperatures in the 80’s over last weekend made it difficult to run past 10 AM, then on Valentines Day, we’re back in the 40’s-50’s.  Today’s high is in the 80’s. For the rest of the week it should be in the 70’s-80’s with rain almost every day. After almost 35 years of living in the Lone Star state, I still get irritated when this happens. Is it Spring? Is it Winter? Is this just a lull before one of the infamous Texas summers?

Punxsutawney Phil saw 6 more weeks of winter. I say nay, Spring is around the corner and so does Armadillo Bob from Bee Cave, TX. But what does this mean for Texans? Well for starters your riding boots get tucked away in the closet earlier than most people. You only own 2-5 sweaters and many cardigans. Wearing shorts in February or December for that matter is never cliché. And, you get to start your Spring gardening projects before most people in the country.


Our back yard on Mossy Park featuring: Crepe Myrtle, Texas Bulbine,
Oklahoma Redbud, and Fountain Grass

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