Because no one likes a case of the Mondays

This past weekend, I worked at a cook-off for work. It was my fourth year of doing so and it never gets easier. In fact, everything has been going down hill including the Best Western we stay in.

This year, the cook-off had to compete with The Big Game. Seriously though, there was an all-star line up of singers and fun NFL events happening downtown, who the hell wants to pay money to go to a cook-off for a BBQ sandwich and the chance to walk around private party tents. Yep, as many people as you might have guessed. While the event might have been empty, I was incredibly busy supervising temp laborers hired to keep the area clean, keeping tabs on high school kids gathering recyclable, and making sure things were running at the WM tent. Not to mention all the other crazy things I had to do. In total, I walked about 40,000 steps resulting in over 12 miles in an area of about 60,000 sq ft.

I got sick one night thanks to some hidden dairy products in the food and my lips and chin were incredibly wind burnt. Today, I am exhausted and definitely have a case of the Mondays, which might last until Wednesday.

The Big Game was crazy, the halftime show was good, and we ate an entire bag of Pepperidge Farm Soft Baked Dark Chocolate cookies.

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