#Tuesdays because no one likes a case of the Mondays

This past weekend I did not make any real gains towards running. I actually did not run much at all. Friday night was all about school. I was up to midnight getting ahead of schedule since I am losing many nights to work coming up. Saturday, I cleaned out my garden, did some schoolwork, cleaned house, and went to Best Buy to look at fitness trackers.

So, fitness trackers. I just can not commit myself to one yet. Andy had the Apple Watch and it was nice. But still, it’s just an extension of your phone that costs $400 bucks. He returned his. I looked at the Samsung ones, too big. FitBit was just meh for $150. I’m not convinced monitoring my sleep patterns is that important.

Saturday night I drank  wine and watched Julie & Julia. Sunday my father-in-law came over (he’s visiting my brother -in-law) and he brought me 6 pieces of blue and white pottery. They look super epic on my dining room table.

And speaking of super epic, check out my new dining chairs I found at the new neighborhood HomeGoods for super cheap. They look awesome in the dining room. And they, along with my new blue pottery, made me realize I need drapes in the living room. Let the search begin.


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