#Tuesdays, because nobody likes a case of the Mondays

Every year my company sponsors a booth at the Houston Marathon that collects used running shoes which are then donated to a shelter. This year we collected over 500 pairs. Not as many as last year, but still a lot. The shoe collection happens at the Houston Marathon expo. While there, I took the plunge and purchased a Sweaty Band. I went running with it yesterday and I was impressed. It did not move and it did not pull my hair.

Speaking of running, on Sunday I did 2 miles and averaged 10 minutes a mile. This is my best time yet. I think I could have gone longer but my poor shoe quality and the late night hindered me some. And then, there was the humidity. Running on a treadmill is going to suck come summer because outside is always way more fun.

Saturday, Andy hung up my new island pendant lights. Wednesday my new dining room chairs come. I am really excited to see how they look in the space. Also, my father-in-law has agreed to give me some ginger jars- yay.

This #Tuesday is also the first day of my MBA program. I am excited and nervous. I already began studying and reading so I feel like I have given myself a small advantage of what to expect. So, I am ready to do it to it.

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