We Downsized, Now What Furniture?

Our last house was about 1900 sq. ft. It was sort of too big for the two of us. I mean there was literally a dining room, a guest room and a media room that we barely ever used.

When it was time to purchase the new place, we were okay with downsizing. Smaller spare bedrooms, done. So long extra love seat, sofa and TV, no spare media room. A smaller dedicated study with french doors and a window, what more could we want.

In fact, the our new home is really starting to feel like home more and more every day. Slowly but surely we have been hanging up art work, unpacking those few remaining boxes and getting into the swing of things. The only problem I am facing is nightstands. Mast bedroom nightstands. If you recall from this post, I had narrowed it down on small selection and was just trying to make up my mind. That was until I realized just how little room I had in my bedroom for nightstands in comparison to the rest of the world.

Most nightstands are about 24″ wide. Mine can only be up to 20″ and that’s pushing it. Ideally, they would be 18″ wide, which is almost impossible to find. Well, impossible for my tastes. All the ones I had selected from the previous post were too wide. Damn the luck.

So now I am stuck in a rock and a hard place. Needing new nightstands, not wanting to spend a fortune but still wanting them to look awesome. Thank goodness my new dining room chairs were easier to decide on. I can’t wait until they get here.

Vanessa Linen Dining Chair

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