#Tuesdays, because nobody likes a case of the Mondays even though it’s Wednesday

Let’s begin with the new area rug, shall we? It’s a 1960’s Heriz rug from Iran. It’s super pretty and we really like it. Actually, the moment we lay it down, we were in love.


Next up, after a visit with family in Washington DC, I decided that going to grad school was a good idea. Getting an MBA, and even better idea. So starting in January, I will be in the online MBA program for West Texas A&M University. I am super excited and super nervous. 3.0 GPA minimum to stay enrolled. Granted this was no problem in undergrad but I am worried about it in this program.

This month marks one year Andy will be cancer free. Yay!

I purchased a Le Creuset braiser and we have started to learn French cooking. So far we’ve been pleased with the results. And if you have always thought about a Le Creuset but wondered if the price was worth it, two words, HELL YES. Review to come later on.

Lately I’ve also been sampling various champagnes and I have decided that Reisling tastes good. Is moscato out the door?

Until next time.

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