Fabulous navy linen wingback bed, check.

Mid century white dresser for a killer deal, check.

Window treatments, check.

Night stands, bedding and accessories, uh.

I purchased two mid century nightstands from Target for my guest bedroom at Mossy Park. They were both affordable and cute. Also, Andy liked them. I decided to use them in my master bedroom at Osprey Bend and they are too small for the room and the furniture. So now, I am searching for new nightstands.

There are a lot of great nightstands out there, and a lot of them cost some serious cash. I found these at a store in Colorado however, they do not offer online shopping nor can I purchase them over the phone and have them shipped. I was lucky enough to find out the source of the night stands, Indonesia. Just my luck. It would take forever to go through the countless furniture wholesalers there. So back to the drawing board I went.

Right now, I have found 6 night stands I am interested in. Now I just have to decide which looks the best and will work the best with what I already have.


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