Window Treatments for a Craftsman Home

The new home on Osprey Bend has a lot of great natural light. We will also have a lot of neighbors. Window treatments are a must. And has my husband and I have learned over the course of the last few weeks, window treatments are a headache.

Blinds have been around forever. One article I read stated that the first venetian blinds showed up in decor in 1761 and were patented in 1769. Today, a majority of houses are built to include your standard 2″ white wood blind. At one point in time, it was the mini blind. And who could forget the vertical blind?

We knew we wanted something that would work well with our new craftsman style home. 2-inch white faux wood blinds were out of the question. As were more modern window coverings like cellular shades. Our first thought was to go with shutters. Adorable white plantation shutters. Then, we figured out how much a full house of shutters would be. Talk about sticker shock. The Osprey Bend house has three windows that measure over 70″- the shutters for these windows alone would have costs more than the fridge we needed.

So, the shutters were nixed.

Ultimately, we decided to go with a roller shade. I felt it complimented the house well since roller shades are both modern and classic. After ordering a plethora of samples of shade materials, we decide to purchase from Select Blinds. The color we choose was called Vintage Diamond.


I wanted white and Andy wanted something with texture, so it checked both of those boxes. In addition, it is also a light filtering shade. This was important because I wanted natural light to still come into the house but still maintain my privacy.  After a simple click here and there on the Select Blinds website, they were ordered.

I would say the blinds arrived in relatively good time. No delay. I mean, we don’t even have a house yet so whatever. But we did take them to Osprey Bend to see how they would look and…they failed the naked person test.

What is the naked person test? Well, looking in from the outside, my neighbors would definitely be able to tell there was a naked person in front of that window shade. Maybe not all the detail, but it would be obvious. So, now we need to scramble to get something to go with the roller shades in the master bedroom since this is normally where there are naked people.

In order for the room not to look like a hot mess and not spend a fortune, Andy and I decided that roman shades will work best. The two smaller windows are too awkward for curtains to be used throughout the room. Having two roman shades and curtains on the larger window costs way too much money. So roman shades on all three windows is the best option.


Initially I wanted a blue pattern. Andy wanted grey. After comparing the costs and talking to some one on Etsy, I have decided to go with grey, flat roman shades. In hindsight, the shades will add an effective decorative layer to the room, block the light, and add much-needed privacy.I can raise up the shades to reveal the roller shades which will allow in more light during the day and still maintain privacy while adding depth to the room. So what seemed to be a mistake as now taken the room to a much higher level in my opinion.

Now to decide on which grey roman shades to get…

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