Designing the Osprey Bend Master Bedroom

To me, a master bedroom is a sanctuary. No TVs allowed. Cool, calm colors and plush bedding are required. After a long day, and my hot shower, when I plop down in my bed, I want to be surrounded by softness everywhere. Yet, I want it to be beautiful, timeless and stylish.

Let’s start from the ground up.

The Owner’s Retreat is the last room in the house. It is wedged between the garage and laundry room.  (Our plan is actually flipped compared to the image below.)


Owners Retreat Blueprint
One one side of the room are two windows that are relatively high up, on the other side is a large window that measures 70×70. This large window looks out onto my patio. The two smaller windows face my neighbors. So lots of natural light and little privacy.

We went back and forth between having the wood grain tile floor from the main part of the house continue through and carpet. In the end, we ended up with carpet. I wanted the foundation of the room to be soft and with two dogs, a large expensive area rug was a bad choice. We needed something durable that we can use store bought cleaners on at 2am when one of our four-legged angels decides to throw-up.

At the David Weekly Design Center, we opted for a grey carpet in the bedrooms. We thought it look good with the other flooring selections and white paint/ trim.

Deciding on the layout of the room was our next task.

Technically, there are two places where the bed can go, between the two windows or on the bare wall.

Bedroom Layout 2 Bedroom Layout 1

At first, I thought placing the bed between the two windows would look the best. Now, I am starting to think placing the bed on the bare wall and the dresser on between the windows makes the room flow better.  Either way, we had media outlets installed on both walls in case Andy somehow manages to convince me we need a television in the room.

Right now I am 75% sure the bed will go on the bare wall.

Now I’ve got to decide on furniture and finishing touches. Follow me on Polyvore and Pinterest to see what I have been scoping out for the bedroom.

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