Navy Master Bedroom Inspiration

I am sort of obsessed with a dresser from Room & Board.

Last time we were in Colorado, we stopped at the Room & Board in Denver and this style and color were one of my favorites. At the time, we were living in the Mossy Park house and in my bedroom, we had this teak chicken coop. A cool piece, but the charcoal-brown color of the dresser was too cool and clashed badly with the color of the chicken coop.

The chicken coop now lives at Andy’s brother’s house and I am determined to get this dresser. The challenge is deciding how to style the rest of the room. I know blue will play a huge factor, just how much and where is the question. Below are three different ways I have styled the Room & Board Calvin dresser using items that I already own (like the mirror, curtains, and twig lamp) and items I think I would like to own, including a brand new bed.
Now if I could only decide on which style I like the most.

Indigo Bedroom II


Indigo Bedroom III


Indigo Bedroom I


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