Craftsman Home Exterior Color

Osprey Bend Home Update

After we decided to purchase our home, some of the first decisions we had to make included the lot, the type of garage door we wanted, if we wanted a covered porch,and exterior paint colors.

The lot selection was a breeze, Andy knew the which garage doors he wanted and why would we not want a covered porch? Deciding on the exterior paint colors were a whole other story.

One of the quintessential features of the Lakeland Heights homes are their vibrant colors.

Here are a couple of the inventory homes in the neighborhood.

About 4 doors down from me, there is a home that is sea-foam green. No joke. There is also a two-story pale spearmint green on the opposite side of the Lakeland Heights development. It’s very cute.

Originally we were thinking blue or white for the primary color of Osprey Bend. However, after further reassessment, I decided both of those colors made the house look more Cape Code and less modern craftsman.

Here is a great slideshow from This Old House with craftsman paint colors.  And here are some exterior paint color scheme from Behr. We decided grey was the best color for the house since it was classic, timeless, modern and hides dirt well. Additionally, we decided we wanted white trim to make the exterior pop.


This past weekend, when we arrived at Osprey Bend, we were surprised to see the exterior had been painted considering all the rain Houston had received over the last week. The dark grey is called Knights Armor.

For the brick, we decided to go with a classic, so we chose red-orange color. Here is a sneak peek. I am really excited to see how it will look on the house and along the walkway.


Technically, the painters screwed up on the front columns and the cyclops window at the top. The columns should be white with grey trim and the cyclops window should be grey with white trim. Regardless, I am loving the way the exterior of the house looks.


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