New Home Granite Countertop Colors

Osprey Bend Kitchen Update

Some five years ago, one of my husband’s co-workers told him that granite countertops were outdated and would soon go away.

Huh? And replaced with what? That awesome tiled countertop look from the 90’s or with marble which does not work well in kitchens if you are clumsy, live life, have kids and/or a husband, and plan to actually use your kitchen island for what it was design for- to set a bunch of crap on.

So here we are, building a new home. The countertops we chose were White Tiger granite for the kitchen and Dallas White granite for the bathrooms. Why? Granite is durable. Granite is affordable. Granite hides dirt well. The design center sold Silestone but it was hella expensive. The tiled look is not an option and marble is too expensive and impractical for us. Plus, when will natural stone ever go out of style? As far as I am concerned, it’s been an “in” thing for the last 4.45 billion years.

Here is an action shot of me about to  hold a handle against a cabinet. That granite is the White Tiger. It’s a nice mix of blacks, grays and white. It is not too busy and it looks amazing against the white and grey cabinets.


Here is a shot from the master bathroom. This is Dallas White. There actually two Dallas granites on the market. One is a cream and one a white. The Dallas White has black, grey, white and this plum/ red color. It looks really great again the ebony cabinets in the bathroom.

Yes we know there is a fist whole in the wall.Crazy how they have not fixed it yet.


I really like the way the floor tile looks with the dark cabinets and counters. The problem is, the shower surround is that same tile too. In this image it looks great, all together it is too much, which is why we opted for grey floor tile in the bathroom. Unfortunately, the builder screwed up on that one and the wrong tile was installed. Luckily we caught it before they grouted the space. This weekend I hope to see it looking differently.

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