Birdie Dining Chair Review

One day, while researching blue mid century dining chairs, I came across the Birdie Dining Chair offered by Pier1. I was instantly hooked on the color, the simple design and the way affordable clearance price. I slept on the purchase for a month before pulling the trigger.

I ordered two chairs online and had them shipped to store which is free and relatively quick. The chairs shipped from Fort Worth, home to Pier1’s warehouse.
Here are my thoughts on the chairs after I got them home.

First and foremost, the chair fabric is not the bright Carolina blue pictured online. The shade is more muted version of the color. Almost grey. If this is an issue for you, I suggest you order a fabric swatch, they are available. I like the color, however, if you are going for something specific, a swatch is always recommended.

The seams of the chairs are not as clean as tidy as pictured either. They are not bad, but they are not as flawless as portrayed in online. Additionally, these chairs are incredibly light weight. Two chairs came in one box and I was able to move the box around with ease. Comfort wise, they are not bad. The chairs are firm and the back is straight- which makes for a nice dining chair in my opinion.The wood stain is not perfect but it’s not bad either. It looks very similar to what is pictured.

In my opinion, $150 for a dining room chair that is as stylish as this one is a good deal. After applying an online coupon code, and shipping to store, the entire purchase, for me, was less than $300. For something that could be replaced if my style or home changes, I think the price is justified. For me, the chairs are serving as two end chairs (photos of the new dining room design are forthcoming). The quality of the chair certainly exceeds the price point of $150 but in no way were they worth the original $249.

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