West Elm Jenson Dining Table Review

Without getting into too much detail, I sold the old dining room set and purchased a new one from West Elm.

The  West Elm Jenson dining table offers mid century flair without too much faux wood for an affordable price.  Surprisingly, it is an incredibly study table once put together. The bottom portion of the table comes disassemble in one box while the glass is separate. The bottom pieces are very well wrapped and insulated in the box they come in. No scratches or dig. This is in part due to the huge quantity of foam blocks that come with the table base. Once I had it unpacked, and the foam blocks stacked up nicely in a corner of my empty dining room, I began to assemble the table.

Andy and I have assembled our fair share of pieces from IKEA. In fact, we could be considered furniture assembly pro. However, this particular table came with some of the WORSE assembly instructions I have ever seen. The pictures on the instructions are small and made little sense. The directions are also difficult to comprehend and left me wondering what I had gotten myself into.

Also, maybe I missed it, but it took the two of us to put this thing together. Once you get to the portion where you assemble the “legs” to the center beam, you’ll see what I am talking about. I found it almost impossible to do like the picture was showing. Nonetheless, we were able to get everything together and, like I said, after tightening every bolt, it is a very stable table.

Added bonus, it’s also sourced from environmentally sustainable farming.

The table comfortably sits people side by side. My husband is 6’1 and finds it to be a good height and have enough spacing when sitting right next to me. Plus, he really likes how it is a mid-century inspired table that has a glass top. It really makes the room feel more spacious which this table would be awesome in an apartment.

The bottom line, I recommend this table. It’s very nice, sturdy and affordable, just make sure you have room to assemble it and a friend to help if possible.

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