Roomba versus Dyson- A Dog Owner’s Review

After my husband and I installed laminate flooring throughout the main part of the house, we decided me needed a special vacuum. One for laminate of course. Something we could just whip out and go to town with. The first stick vac we purchased was the Electrolux Ergorapdio  it lasted less than one year before the battery would not hold a charge and it started not sucking.It was a total pain to clean out and the removal hand vac was stupid, it really did not suck up fine particles just larger one like a dog hair tumble weed. So, off it went to the Best Buy Electronics Recycling. Which if you have never used this service, it’s free and you need to get on the ball!

Our next purchase was a Roomba 650. The pros included that fact that it was incredibly easy to clean out, the parts are replaceable, that it obviously did the work for me and did a fairly reasonable job of picking up small particles. In addition, it goes right back to it’s little home and even has a timer of when it should go off which is actually bad (I’ll explain later.) Also, it runs for while (1-2 hours at my house) and goes from tile, to laminate to carpet with ease.

Now the cons, first and foremost, it is a robot, it does not care about your furniture. Roomba relies on contact which is bad for goods. All my furniture legs are now chipped and missing paint. It sucks. Also, this Roomba is loud. You can not run Roomba and watch TV just like you would not run a vacuum and watch TV. It also gets stuck on stuff and does not fair well over looped rugs. I rescued Roomba several times when it was stuck in my AV cables beneath the entertainment center. And Roomba almost completely destroyed my Mini Pebble Wool Jute Rug from West Elm. I actually ended up having to pick it up and get a flatweave. Lastly, the biggest con for Roomba, it does not know when it should NOT vacuum something.

Remember that timer I mentioned? We set our Roomba to go off on a timer at 2 pm daily. We are not at home and this way Roomba finishes up the work right before we walk in the door. One day, Roomba vacuumed over something it was not suppose to. My senior dog had a very bad accident in the kitchen. You can image what happened next. From the back door to the front door, over the new flatweave rug and elsewhere, Roomba made a massive mess before it finally died. That’s right folks, my Roomba died of poop ingestion. Not something you think will ever happen, but Roomba is just a robot, it does not know when to not go over something or run into it.

After a massive clean up and proper disposal of Roomba, we now found ourselves in need of a new vacuum. This time we sprang for the Dyson V6 Motorhead. I did not buy this vacuum because it is pink. Although when I first saw it at Target one day I sent a photo to Andy to show. Fate brought me to this vacuum. Fate and dog poop. Installation was a breeze. The adaptability and use of the trigger switch making operating the Dyson V6 simple and sort of fun. It’s not heavy. On the lowest suction setting it picks up the smallest particles. I can actually tell you in full faith that the Dyson V6 picks up particles better than my Roomba or Electrolux ever did. The battery does not last as long as the Roomba, but it does last longer than I need in order to clean up 700 sq.ft. or so. It is marvelous at picking up pet hair and best of all, will not try to pick up pet poop on its own.

As much as I loved my Roomba, I do not recommend for pet owners, lovers of vintage furniture, rugs or anything that the little robot will come into contact with. Go with the Dyson, you will not regret it.

**Update** After using my Dyson V6 Motohead to clean up fine FINE particles from my new kitchen quartz installation I have come to the conclusion that it is superior to the Roomba. The newest con is I have discovered when using the “max” setting for an extended period of time, the motor gets pretty warm.

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