3 Months and 12 Days Ago

It was the last time I wrote a blog post. Have I abandoned by blog? My house? My life? Just about. In January I took over a new position at work, it keeps me very busy. Then Summer school came followed by my first semester of three classes in August. I have less than two months until the semester ends and then it is the holidays and then rodeo season starts.

So the blog is on the back burner. And my house? Well I hung my french doors, I painted them black, I’ve made a table, reupholstered a sofa, and done some many other things in between Summer school and the Fall semester but I haven’t photographed anything. I am just sort-of living life as it comes to me.

So I have not given up on life, it just passes by me so quickly that I don’t even realize it is happening most the time. I am thinking this December it will slow down some and I will be able to share what has been going around here. At least I hope to because there are so many things I wanted to accomplish in 2014- and I almost knocked them all out.

Bare with me blog world.

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