More Pottery Barn Outlet Goodies!

 Copper Cord Set, Retail $49, Outlet $19.99

This time I did not pass up the lovely copper cord set.  It will find it’s way into the computer room in the near future.  In addition I also purchased Pottery Barn Tab Top curtains for my master bedroom.  I was sick of the ultra sheer ones I had purchased from Target.  Although they are not black-out curtains, they do a pretty reasonable job with the blinds.  The neighbor’s porch light did not keep me awake.  Plus at $35 each, I feel as if I am getting my money’s worth.

What did I have to pass up this time around?  Well for starters they had three West Elm Elton Setees in the color Pine Needle.  They were less than $400 each and I have no room in my dining room.

West Elm Elton Setee

There were also plenty of the industrial white glass pendants from West Elm.  I didn’t check prices because I am out of lighting space in my house but I can promise you they were cheaper than original price and they had a TON of them.

West Elm Mini Industrial Glass Pendant Bowl

And last but not least, there were also three of these little yellow chairs from West Elm. They were marked at $289 each and I hope someone took them home. If I had true white walls in my house, I know I sure as heck would have.

West Elm Oliver Chair

So that is that for my great finds at the Pottery Barn/ West Elm Outlet store. Of course there is more, so much more. The store is located in San Marcos, TX. I recommend you always get there right as the store opens to score a shopping cart and a good place in lie because it gets packed.  As for me, I am done with the outlet mall for a while, I can not keep shoveling crap into my house.

Found something good at an outlet mall?  Share it please- I love a good deal!

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