Mid Week Update

Look at me go, my mid-week update is actually happening mid-week.  Yeah, so I skipped school tonight.  I decided to do some research on housing in our target area, catch up on a paper,vacuum the living room and of course, give the few of you who do read insight to what’s happening in my life right now. 
This Friday I am off and I plan to paint over the stencil in my bedroom and take down some personal effects to prepare the house to be up on the market.  Saturday I hope to finish my dresser project and Sunday I plan to make like every other Sunday, house work and completing any unfinished projects.  I am actually going to have a total of four Fridays off before the end of the year which will be nice.   It will allow me to take care of crap I have largely ignored during the semester WHICH is almost over.  
In other news I am still sort of obsessing over matte black bathroom hardware.  My only reservation about it is the effects hard water will have on it.  If someone out there knows, let me know because I am thinking of going that route for the next place, at least in the guest bathroom along with my plywood countertop.
Black Bathroom Faucets from Build.com
Beautiful vanity area! Love those vessel sinks and the crisp look against the dark wood!
Black Faucets with Vessel Sinks via Apartment Therapy

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