Time Warp- It’s Saturday?

I had three late nights this week versus my normal two. I’ve been working on a paper, reading, note-taking and everything involved with school.  So this morning when I woke up at 7, I took a look around the house and realized I’ve been slacking just a teeny bit.  So this weekend, it’s back to getting it together.
I know last weekend I promised photos of the dining room.  Not happening.  I’ve got lawn work I need to knock out, a hair cut appointment in the afternoon, stuff around the house to take care of and as always, school work.  In addition, my in-laws arrive at my house on Thursday, so I need to get everything cleaned up for them.  The dining room completion might just have to wait which sucks because it’s uber close.
So for today I will leave you with my obsession for the day, plywood countertops.

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