Mid Week Update

Wow, school dudes.  Papers, tests, studying, memorizing, note taking, on and on.  I am freaking tired.  Normally at this point I would be looking to the weekend for relief from the daily grind.  Nope, not this weekend.  This weekend I am finishing up a paper for my Communications Theory class.  Exciting right?  In theory.
It’s important that I get this paper done before Sunday so I can start studying for a test next Saturday that I need to be prepared for on Friday because guess what folks- it’s time for ROUND TOP TIME!
This year, the top of my list includes a round breakfast nook table.  My wonderful mother-in-law has decided to give me antique industrial bistro chairs that belonged to her grandma.  Uber awesome right? So I need to get rid of the pub table and find something these 5 chairs can anchor to.  Currently they are painted a blue shade from what I remember, but I am thinking multicolored is the way to go.
The Sydney home of Virginia Mesiti and Scott Otto Anderson. Photo by Sean Fennessy, production by Lucy Feagins for thedesignfiles.net
Multi Colored Dining Chairs,The Design Files
Multi Colored Eames Dining Chairs, unknown source
Multi Colored Industrial Cafe Chairs, unknown source
Colorful Industrial Chairs, House and Home

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