Time Warp- It’s Saturday?

The first “cold” front of the year has blown through.  This morning we woke up to some cooler temperatures.  Granted it was still humid, it was nice to wake up and not sweat.  The rain has been great too, my grass is smiling.
Last night I decided to go in the backyard and start digging up what costs me a couple of bucks a couple of years ago to plant, the Mexican Petunia.  Cute flowers, credibly drought resistant and long blooming, the Mexican Petunia looks great on paper.  But BEWARE, this plant is incredibly freaking invasive and takes over everything.  It’s a total freaking nightmare.  The roots system has grown out of control.  There are little nodes are sprouting up everywhere.  It’s killing my bottle brush bushes by robbing them of nutrients.  They are so not worth the couple of bucks I spent on those little quart plants.

The Mexican Petunia is an Incredible Nuisance in Texas

It’s listed as an invasive species in Florida & it should be listed as so in all states in the South I would think.  Also, in article the image links to, the author believes the pink ones are a little easier to control than the purple ones.  Not so entirely true my friend.  Both colors have grown out of control except for one I have in the front that is completely isolated and has not spread its roots at all.  So buyers beware, this plant will cost you more labor than it’s worth.

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