Green Dining Room Inspiration+ West Elm Outlet Deals

The other night I was casually browsing through Houzz and Pinterest when I decided to test something out. I walked over to my dining room chairs and grabbed a hold of the back upholstery piece. I gave it a little tug and it moved. So I then gave it a better tug and discovered this…it’s only glued down. Well, at least I think glued down. I didn’t rip it off; I just know that it is not permanently fixed to the chair. This only means one thing; the days of beige microfiber on my dining room chairs are limited. 
Oh hell yes. 
So what color would I be choosing to upholster my dining room chairs would you image? Has to go with dark wood, my large abstract on the wall and be something which is easy to from when going into the living room. Green baby! Not just green, but freaking GREEN. I am talking bold, proud, maybe with a hint of yellow. I am excited. I instantly grabbed my collection of green paint swatches and went to town.  Right now Andy and I are loving Sherwin Williams Kale Green.
Also this past weekend I went to the West Elm outlet. And what did I find? Oh just this lamp that I took home for 65% off the original price. Plus a green vase and a wall hook thingy. Sure I found rugs and other furniture, but my space is getting full.  I already have stuff which has no place in the ‘ole casa and Andy reminded me that I had recently bought a rug, it was tough. 

West Elm Branch Table Lamp, Polished Silver

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