Paint Color Cold Feet

Crap monkeys guys and gals.  It’s happened again, paint color cold feet.  I was 100% sold on Olympic Plantation Moss until this past weekend.  I made my swatch huge.  I’ve been staring at it since then and blah.  I think it looks too grey.  I know I am sick of hearing myself flip flop over paint colors for my dining room and living room.  I know if I am sick, all 3 of the people who maybe read this blog have to be as well.  But you know, when you are about to spend your hard earned money and use your precious time to paint 1000 square feet, you would want to be dead certain about a color too.  So today I went over to my local Sherwin Williams and checked out the colors.  
I brought home some white swatches.  I threw a sample of SW Panda Bear up on the bottom there.  Currently, Andy and I are happy with Olympic Rain Cloud which I mentioned here as a contender.  We were thinking it was too light.  Just maybe we were wrong.  So I am going to expand Rain Cloud and stare at it until the weekend.  Maybe it will inspire me.  Wish me luck.

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