New Dog Prep

It’s been over a month since we had to make the heart-breaking choice to put our cat Walter to sleep.  After thinking about another cat and discovering certain cat breeds are expensive, Andy and I have collectively decided to adopt another cocker spaniel.  We go to meet three little guys tomorrow and I am pretty excited.  Hopefully one of them will be a great match for Prince so we can start the adoption process. 
With dogs on the brain, I have all crazy about getting the new guy and Prince having matching everything.  Bed, collar, food bowls, the whole nine yards.  I guess you could say I’ve always wanted to have two cocker spaniels that have matchy matchy everything.  I am hoping they play together, sleep together, eat together and provide company and companionship to each other while we are away during the day.
For starters, we are going to need two matching beds.  has some that are pretty cute including this grey leopard skin with orange trim.

Serengeti Dog Bed in Splashed White / Lust Angle View
However, as a seasoned pet owner, I know that spending over a hundred bucks on a dog bed is a bit unreasonable.  They can get pretty funky.  So essentially, you want something affordable and durable.  Then there are collars.  Sure, solid colors are nice.  But why go solid when you can be with the force.  Star Wars collars for your dog.  Pretty freaking epic.  And as if that wasn’t enough, they have the matching smartphone ID tag here at

And what new dog prep wouldn’t be complete without new food bowls?  Check out these modern dipped dog bowls from  I am digging the lime.  Maybe having hip bowls like this will urge the two of them to eat peacefully next to each other.

 Waggo Dipper Dog Bowl | AllModern
I think this new pooch, whoever he might be, is going to be very happy in the Cordas household.  I mean how many other dogs get to go to Florida once a year?  Or get doggy cupcakes?  Or get half an egg when we cook them?  I can’t think of many who get all this and the chance to wear a Star Wars collar day in and day out.  So tomorrow is the day that we meet our potential new cockers.  
Wish us luck.

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