Ready Set Paint- Almost

So far I have painted 4 test areas in my house: one in the breakfast nook, near the TV, the wall that borders the dining room and a piece in between the windows.  Daily I look at it.  I gaze, stare and gawk at these small test strips of Olympic Plantation Moss which are posted in different areas around the space.  Crazy much?  I don’t think so.  It’s a large area with a lot of natural light during the day and a lot of fluorescent lighting at night (I hate the recessed lighting used in my kitchen.)  This is a huge project.  I am estimating three gallons and probably about two days.  Also, I do not plan on taking this on again.  The color that goes up stays up for the next people who purchase this house one day.  So not only does it need to look awesome right now, it needs to look awesome till we sell the joint.  It’s  a huge task and a huge commitment for a frequent painter like myself.  But I am ready for the long term.  

It’s going to be a pretty big change from the deep blue to this pale greenish gray.

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