Sealy Optimum Review

There are a lot of “firsts” in life.  I can remember the first time I shaved my legs.  My first training bra I got on my eighth birthday.  My first car as well as my first traffic ticket which I received while driving said car.  To this list I will be adding my first memory foam mattress.  Traditionally I have always owned an inner spring mattress either A. because it’s what my parents gave me or B. because it’s what I could afford.  When it came time to purchase a mattress, Andy and I knew we would for sure be upgrading in size.  A queen is definitely not for us.  Then came the choice of what kind of mattress.  To be honest, a Tempur-Pedic just seemed pricey, heavy and hot.  We were pretty much dead-set on a Stearns & Foster super cushy mattress. 

This mattress, we laid on it, A LOT.  We kept going to different stores and testing it out.  We monitored sales.  We were on our way to S&F ownership.  However, we started reading some consumer satisfaction reviews and were finding out that for the long run, a S&F isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.  They tend to fall apart and lose support in their later years.  Then we started reading about the Sealy Optimum.  All the reviews in regards to this mattress were good.  For the long run it was good.  So we headed to our closest mattress store.  Needless to say…

It’s absolutely freaking amazing!

It has the cooling gel.  At night time we do not get hot, we actually get a little cold.  It really doesn’t have a strong foam smell like some mattress toppers or other memory foam mattresses will.  Honestly it was slight, but after the couple of nights, it wasn’t even noticeable.  It did however make the sheets smell a little foamy when I took them off the first time to wash them.  After that though, they smelt all clean.  And the comfort level.  It is amazing.  It did not take long to break in.  The down side to this?  The middle, where we do not sleep, is not as broken in.  Actually it’s a little stiff compared to the remainder of the bed.   The mattress is also not that heavy.  Don’t get me wrong, it would be a total pain in the ass to lug it up some stairs but we were able to move it to place a frame under the box springs.  

Would I recommend this mattress?  Yes, yes I sure as hell recommend this mattress.  It’s not as pricey as most of the Tempur-Pedics, offers amazing support, has a cooling effect which is great for folks who are hot blooded or live in the south, doesn’t smell half as bad as others and is not as heavy.  Two thumbs up all the way, a purchase that was worthy of my hard-earned money.

I would like to add my husband and I are 31. He’s 6’2 about 190 and I’m 5’7 at 130. 

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