My Version of Silver Sage, Decorative Arrows & More

As promised I have a few photos to update you on the house so far.  Nothing crazy, just some images from things that have transpired.  First we will begin with this awesome find from One Kings Lane from a little while back.  While I am still not 100% on board with flash sale sites (reason here). However, I did happen to stumbled across a sale from Fletcher and Fox.  Ever heard from them?  If not, go over to ETSY and check out her store.  She has the greatest decorative arrows.  Obviously, the deal at OKL was awesome and hard not to pass up.  I was hoping for the neon, but they were sold out.  Instead I went with this combo.  I love them much so.

Next up, my bedding.  Mint green was first.  Then cool blues and greens sort of became a thing for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still crazy for navy, chartreuse, charcoal and rusty oranges.  So when we decided to go to the next bed size, I knew it was a good time to change the color scheme up in the master bedroom.  When West Elm released their infamous pintuck duvet in Oceania, I knew what I had to do.  I love pintuck & tufted just about anything.  I love the color.  I love the quilt they released that conveniently matched the duvet.  So now here it is, living happily on my new king size Serta.  I can not wait until I can get a headboard and night stands put together.

And last but not forgotten, my new chair and coffee table.  I was 100% sold on the West Elm color Silver Sage upholstered onto their Sweep Armchair.  Andy like the fabric color.  I liked the durability.  We went and sat in the chair, it was comfortable.  We were sold. So all I needed to do was wait for a sale on the upholstery.  Then I found a chair at Ethan Allen I LOVED.  Went to see it.  More comfortable.  Better built.  Available in this awesome orange or teal leather.  Pricey but amazing.  That same day, on to High Fashion Home. But what do I find?  A chair and a half in a color almost the same as the West Elm Silver Sage.  Where do I find it?  Upstairs on the fourth floor in clearance.  Half off.  It’s comfortable, large, a good height and a hell of a deal.  So, it’s mine now.

Yep, that is my living room as it stands right now.  Also, my cheap Lane coffee table.  I found it at Deja Vu Consignment for cheap.  I cant decide if it needs the little bit of work to make it look new again or if I like the wear and tear it is showing right now.  Regardless, I am happy.  And the manufacturer date on the coffee table?  Aug 29, 1959.  Freaking yes dudes, yes.

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