Post Vacation & Mid Century Furniture

Wondering where I have been as of late?  Why on vacation to Florida!  Enjoying the beautiful Florida rain.  I also went and browsed great mid century modern furniture pieces while we were there.  But for the most part, it rained.  This is not the first time we have gone to Florida during the fourth and had rain.  About 2-3 years ago, the same thing happened.  Rain the entire time.  It’s safe to say Andy and I have decided no more Florida during July.  You should also avoid making plans to visit Florida during the fourth, it will rain, I can almost guarantee it.
Let’s get back to the mid-century furniture. We went to this great place called Furnish Me Vintage.  Great pieces that were pretty reasonably priced for retail.  The co-owner we met was super nice.  We also went and checked out this consignment place called Deja Vu Consignment.  The front warehouse was meh, the back was where all the good stuff was piled.  I came home with a Lane coffee table.  We also found these Dux chairs.  Well I wouldn’t call them a chair more like the chair frame because the upholstery and support is completely gone.  They were asking a little too much for them.  

 I also found a cute three drawer chest which I should have taken a picture of.  I am also still up in the air about it however, my wonderful mother-in-law has volunteered to go back for it if I change my mind. 

So that pretty much sums up where I have been for the last week.  I’ll throw up pictures of my new coffee table this weekend.  Also, I purchased a living room chair at the beginning of last week which I haven’t shared yet.  So that will go up as well.  Today is the first day back from my vacation, time to catch up, do laundry, and get ready to return back to the daily grind of every day life.

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