Adding Chairs to Living Rooms with Sectionals

In a previous post I went over some important details when it comes to choosing living room chairs.  In this post we’re going to take at look at ways to add chairs to your living room.  Sectional, sofa or loveseat, you can find a chair to compliment your living room. 

The Sectional
Let’s face it sectionals are comfy and tend to have a unfashionable wrap.  However, you should not be put off.  Today’s sectionals can be very sleek and modern.  They come tufted, in leather or with a skirt if you’re traditional.  They can also share the room with an accent chair.

Here there is a white skirted sectional sofa and a leather accent chair.  It works because the sectional is feminine and free flowing and the leather sofa is a little more hard and rustic.  Hard meets soft plus the chair isn’t over powering.  The horse art is what grabs your attention.
Or you can have something that matches for a clean & modern look. It works mainly because it’s simple.  You could beef this up by having everything as a brighter color.  Just because it matches doesn’t mean it has to be neutral and matching.  
Contemporary Living Room by El Monte Furniture and Accessories Vons Furniture

Here is a patterned mid century sectional with a coordinating mid century chair.  It works because the styles are the same and the pattern and chair are both a neutral color.  It’s nice safe flair. 

Here is a dark neutral tufted sectional and a quirky chair in the corner.  It works because the chair draws your eye across a room. It’s fun but not too crazy for a large piece like the sectional. Also the sectional and chair are from roughly the same style period.

Last but not least, if you have a large sectional and plenty of space you can create a square space by using two chairs.   It shouts “cocktails and fondue” big time.  Here they went with a fabric sofa and leather chairs in the same color. It works because the chairs help the sectional section off this space of the house without making it seem to weird. 

If that is too brown for you, don’t be discourage. You can still create a designated party space with using a variety of color as shown below. By adding two colorful chairs to a colorful sectional you create a space to party and play beer pong.  Once more it work becuase the entertainment space is defined without feeling weird and closed off.

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